Qualities of a Winning Coach

In putting together my thoughts and ideas about what it takes to be a successful and winning coach, I found it necessary to share with you how it all began for me:

My father coached football in high school and college and also had collegiate coaching stints in track, baseball, wrestling and swimming. My mother was the most supportive, competitive fan I know. I also had 3 siblings, 2 brothers and a sister who were all athletic. Our orientation was the athletic environment from day one.

As a result of my father’s job, he had the keys to all of the athletic facilities. We had access to the swimming pool, racquetball courts, trampoline, weight room, basketball courts, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor tracks, access to the practice fields, and certainly access to all of the athletic events.

During those times, our interest, enthusiasm, and love for sports and competition was cultivated. We traveled as a family from Maine to Massachusetts, then Washington, Oregon, Michigan and Vermont in order to chase the coaching dreams and challenges for my dad. Back in those days, taking your family from the East to the far Western part of the states was a strong indication that no distance could quell the excitement of a coaching challenge and the possibilities of climbing the coaching ranks and gaining coaching experience. It wasn’t a quest for money or fame, but rather a drive to learn, to create opportunities, challenges, experiences and to establish relationships in developing a Team.

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